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Start Small and Seek Out a Role Model

I see so many first year coaches make the same mistakes I did.   Coaches get certified and then they start buying stuff. They tell me about their purchases with great enthusiasm. "I bought a programs that will teach me how to make an online video" and "I just...

Choosing Your Coaching Certification Program

Here’s the reality. We are great at helping other people, but we suck at helping ourselves. Our mind chatter, lack of time management, and poor decisions on next steps leave most coaches un-certified or choosing the wrong coaching certification program and sometimes clientless a year later. So what’s up with that? Here’s what I have seen in fellow coaches and myself as stoppers during the Level 1 coaching stage.

My Stairway to Success…A Path for Fellow Coaches

People coach for so many different reasons. I was a fixer and I finally became a coach when I had the maturity and wisdom to realize fixing doesn’t help anyone. Listening, transferring skills, helping others practice and patience do. It’s a career that protects me and...

Growth Alliance

Passion: Is It Worth It?

“Choose a career that you’re passionate about and you won’t ever work a day in your life!” From a young age we’re taught to follow our passion and pursue it fully. But what happens to those of us who have many or none?   For someone like myself, a multipotentialite...

Holding Hostage

I sat in my car with tears streaming down my face. “It’s not good enough” and “It’s not ready yet” made each tear feel hotter. I was caving under the immense pressure I had slowly heaped on myself, and I heartbreakingly realized that I’m not good enough. Who am I to…...

Friends of Brass Rings

Larger Than Life

I may have earned the title Class Partier in my high school graduating class, but it was only because I was insecure and bashful so I drank…a lot. My partying carried over into college.   That is where I met him, tall, dirty blonde, intelligent and outgoing.   He...

Vulnerability Resume- Strength in Vulnerability

Sooooooo, I've started this a hundred times, in my head. Each time I cannot decide on format or words or timing or, bear with me, I'm just going to write.Vulnerability for me was something that for many years I was taught (I didn't necessarily believe) to...

Vulnerability Resume – Clarity in Sobriety

So in my time as a human I have hid behind many masks.Born as the youngest boy to a single alcoholic mother, my coping skills were immense. I wanted to find joy in most days as I was surrounded by depression. A cover as a fun loving, “party boy” gained me many friends...

Lisa Sears is a specialist who listens and prepares with ​thorough professionalism. Her insight and direction were​ exactly what I needed to further drive the success of my organization.

Timothy Martin

As a 10 year agent/owner I had never worked with a coach prior to connecting with Lisa. Working with her has been incredibly beneficial for me both personally and professionally. Lisa has helped me create better focus and executable action plans, all while keeping an eye on the end goal and long term goals for 5+ years down the road. Working with Lisa has given me the space and thought process necessary to work on my business (and be strategic) instead of in my business. Lori Mullen

Agent, State Farm

I attended a workshop that Lisa and Colleen hosted at the WISE Women’s Business Center in Syracuse, NY last year. The information they presented on Mastering Mind Chatter was helpful and fun. I’ve since been following them on the Brass Rings page and in their Positive Psychology Daily Dose group and they always have practical advice to share. If you are a coach looking for advice, support, and/or inspiration Brass Rings is perfect for you. Laura Thorne

[Working with Lisa] has helped me so much this year already! I have a better understanding of myself, and more importantly acceptance of me. It permeates through so many layers and relationships of my life and I’m just so caught up in the beauty and honesty​ of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Anonymous