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This past year has been quite the adventure for Colleen and I. We’ve grown as friends, business partners, coaches and facilitators; tackling each scary new thing together.  We’ve developed programs combining our education and experience in an effort to share knowledge with others.

We’ve built and promoted online courses and started a FB Group that boosts positivity (Positive Psychology… Daily Dose). We’ve taught individuals and groups tools for mastering mind chatter, positive engagement, and ways we can practice reducing judgement of ourselves and others.  We have big plans for the future and we celebrate the past.

We were recently interviewed by a local, popular morning radio talk duo and neither of us listened to it live or have gone on their site to check out the recordings and promotion…

We dread hearing our own voices.  It doesn’t matter how many friends, family members and clients have sent congratulatory emails and text.

We teach how to overcome mind chatter for Pete’s sake!

So what’s up with that?

After talking about it, here’s where we stand:  Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable and that’s ok.  We did the hard thing and we’ve received positive feedback.  You can’t grow by just reading a book.  Growth takes practice, and it’s different for each scenario.  Learning awareness and strategies for overcoming obstacles is the important thing.  And we did celebrate that our interview was aired, and it was a hard scary thing that we did together.

A year ago there would have been more self-judgement, worry, doubt and straight up self criticism that just doesn’t exist anymore.  We enjoy looking at each other and saying “well that didn’t work” or “that felt amazing”.

There’s a lot less failure – its impossible to fail when you are trying new things and it’s good enough.

Please listen to our interview with 93Q’s Amy Robbins. We hear she did an amazing job at making us sound fabulous!

Hopefully we’ll have confirmed that for ourselves by the weekend!