Consulting Services: Lisa Sears, MSM

If you’ve made it to this portion of our site you’ve most likely been referred here by one of my past colleagues, a current client or a friend.  Most of my clients find me through a personal or business connection because relationships are important to me.  So is helping you get organized, focused and ready to take action.  I get very excited over the things most people dread tackling.   This combination of unique traits helps me provide a unique combination of coaching and practical guidance to my clients.

My name is Lisa Sears and I am a business consultant.  I have over 15 years experience in business including executive and board level positions.  I enjoy helping people.  Sometimes its on a small project that won’t get done unless you get someone else to do it.  Other times, it’s help with something more in depth, like formulating a plan or driving annual initiatives.

I am organized, I enjoy follow up and facilitation, and I help you make space to work on your business while you work in it.   I also provide support when what’s in the way is you… working through blocks and brainstorming solutions that fit you is my specialty.

My heart has always enjoyed the work I’ve done with financial advisors.  I have also worked with several boards through the years and find it extremely rewarding to  drive change within corporations and communities.  Recently, I’ve broadened the vision of my ideal client to include any individual, support staff or team in a sales environment.   Please keep me in mind for your individual, team, board or organization’s needs.

If you would like to schedule an exploration session with me, please fill out the contact form or just call me:  315-440-7061

I look forward to our future connection!

Lisa Sears, MSM