Group Work


Growth Model:  Explore and develop a clear vision of the future.  Create a fast start action plan for immediate results and learn about obstacles that might get in the way.  We help you with a foundation to support sustainable change.

Mastermind Group Work:  Now that you understand the tools that can help you grow join the six week follow up program.  Share your experience, get support from the group and grow with like minded individuals.

Coaching Programs

Coaching facilitates growth partnered with accountability.  We offer many paths for success. Here are a few examples:

Performance Development – Establishing a development, accountability, and reward strategy in your company.

Leadership and Management Development – Growth strategies for new managers.

Change Agent Program – Support through times of personal, professional, family and team transitions.

Career Growth – Exploring options for designing your future.  Program includes resume building, interview design and role play sessions.

Law of Attraction – Getting positive and staying on course. “What, why and how” for getting the life you’ve dreamed of.