Next Level 1 Coaches VIP Launch Day on June 17th!


We believe the world can’t have enough coaches. Each of us has our own style, niche, and ideal client. We each bring value to the world in our own way.

We also know starting a business is challenging. You buy into the latest software or sales funnel and obsess over other small business and coaching start ups.

And you still find yourself stuck.

We finally stopped trying to implement how everyone else was doing it and instead returned to our original strategy of focusing on what felt good.

And now we want to share our experience with you.

Our VIP Launch Day will:

• Work through a business mindset based on our training in positive psychology

• Provide implementation direction and support based on our experience

• Business, program design, coaching foundations, marketing, and time management essentials

• Options and support, pricing, branding, contracts, proposals

• Holding space for growth based on group collaboration and sharing

As coaches we are naturally open to learning things from other people:

• We love to help coaches—they help people—and we like the idea of that! We’ll help you facilitate TEAM support so you can coach through camaraderie.

• We need to hear what others are doing and feel the freedom to take a great idea and implement it our way.

We want to help you take it to the next level under our umbrella:

• Level up your business

• Handouts, worksheets and templates

• Powerful conversations

The next online VIP Launch Day for Level 1 coaches is Monday, June 17th from 10am-4:30pm.

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