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Lisa Sears helps people show up in the world at their best. She is a capacity coach, accountability partner and resiliency teacher. With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the financial services industry as well as her Masters in Management and Certification in Applied Positive Psychology she coaches small business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals in the fundamental skills necessary for positive productive engagement.

Lisa’s approach to facilitating growth combines exploration and strategy sessions with ongoing coaching programs. She challenges individuals and teams to broaden and build their experience while they expand their own capacity and influence.  

In 2018, Lisa moved to Black Mountain, NC with her husband, Scott. Lisa enjoys exploring new opportunities (and the mountains!) in the Asheville area, but intentionally continues to work with clients in Upstate NY. She appreciates that her travels bring her back to the area she originally called home; allowing her to stay connected with her two children, Jake and Bryce, as well as her family and friends.

Throughout her career, Lisa followed her passion for coaching others and leading development strategies. Since starting Brass Rings in 2017, she has been hard at work partnering with clients while earning her coaching certifications at the Life Purpose Institute and as a TypeCoach Influence facilitator. She is also a trained Lifecycles Capacity Consultant through the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute®. Here are a few ways she’s been using her experience to support others:

Developing Leaders and Building Culture

Drive Sustainable Change 

Most leaders lean into their natural talent; doing their best to create positive culture and sustainable change. Understanding people and meeting them where they are can be complicated. Shift from relying on yourself to a new approach of leadership capacity building. Our leadership and development programs combine theory and technical tools with practical application strategies.

 Grow your leadership capacity with education and professional development.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Embrace Planning and Boost Capacity 

The sparks that fuel courageous entrepreneurs don’t always prepare them to be good business owners. A fast start can quickly slide into an overwhelming workflow that leads them away from their original vision. Successful business owners embrace a culture of planning and develop their business leadership capacity. Learn to design a practical business plan and receive ongoing implementation support.

Take time to step out of your business to implement strategies that drive growth.

Empowering Women to Maximize their Potential

Flourishing Strategies 

As women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We lovingly put others first and forget to focus inward when it counts the most. If you’ve been feeling a rumble from within, ​consider beginning your journey by exploring fundamental foundations for growth. Join our team and other women in programs that combine education rooted in positive psychology with storytelling​​g and collaboration. Gain clarity, practice strategies and create flourishing pathways forward.

Explore a new approach combining positive psychology interventions with personal exploration.

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Our goal is to take the foundations of traditional training program and weave in an awareness of how our brains work so that we can provide tools for growth and wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

Design your workshop

Take our foundation for training and customize it to fit the needs of your business and its culture. This bespoke workshop helps your people get the tools they need to perform to their potential.


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