Programs and Workshops



Growth Model:  Explore and develop a clear vision of the future.  Create a fast start action plan for immediate results and learn about obstacles that might get in the way.  We help you with a foundation to support sustainable change.

Mastermind Group Work:  Now that you understand the tools that can help you grow join the six week follow up program.  Share your experience, get support from the group and grow with like minded individuals.

Deep Dives

There’s topics that deserve deeper exploration.  Work through the logistics and practice tools that will help you become a better you.  The deeper you dive the more likely you are to find practices that will provide peace in your average day.  

Mindset:  Want to show up differently in the world?  Learn how to set the right mindset for happiness and success.  Practice emotional intelligence and work through worrying thoughts in a new way.

Time Management:  If you don’t have a system or you do and it’s getting you no where sign up for the interactive workshop.  Explore what style you work in now and explore and design the right time management plan for you.

Confidence:  Feel like you are on the brink of something great, but can’t take that first step on the journey?  Set intensions and practice tools for gaining confidence in your endeavors.

Each monthly deep dive is followed by an opportunity to participate in group work.  It takes mindful practice to implement these concepts into your life.  Sharing ideas and supporting each other can facilitate change.