Colleen Commisso


Becoming a Positive Practitioner

Are you seeking change in your life? Are you interested in personal development? Do you love workshops? Are you an educator? If you answered any of the questions above, Becoming a Positive Practitioner should resonate with you! You’ll work through a 6-module video course and work from a 70+ page manual. We’ll provide lots of documentation for you to help keep you moving through the course and you’ll learn how to develop your own workshop and even how to develop the skills of Positive Psychology with your children, providing them with a framework to follow throughout their lives. 

What you’ll get:

  • Videos
    • 6 modules (5-8 sections in each)
  • 70-80 page manual
  • PowerPoints
  • Bonus-How to develop your own workshop
  • Bonus-Using positive psychology with children
  • Access to our Positive Psychology Facebook group
Instructor:  Colleen Commisso
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