Capacity and Influence Coach and Consultant

Lisa Sears helps people show up in the world at their best. She is a capacity coach, accountability partner and resiliency teacher. With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the financial services industry as well as her Masters in Management and Certification in Applied Positive Psychology she coaches small business owners, non-profit organizations and managers in the fundamental skills necessary for positive productive engagement.

Her approach to facilitating growth combines exploration and strategy sessions with ongoing coaching programs. She challenges individuals and teams to broaden and build their experience while they build their own capacity and influence.


True leadership becomes possible when you have the ability to elevate yourself in your role and trust others. Our approach to capacity building is a combination of embracing human nature along with goal exploration, system implementation and time management strategies. Whether you are driving personal or professional goals it is essential to create a path and embrace a culture of planning.

Lisa Sears is a certified TypeCoach Influencer Facilitator. She uses the TypeCoach tool to bring awareness of personality types so they can be easily identified. Once you practice identifying types you can begin to influence others. Leaders practice the art of influence while they construct lasting relationships. Whether you want to build a team or communicate and partner with your family, friends and community, TypeCoach is the tool for you!

Sometimes you need to step out of life before you can truly step in.
We help you build your capacity, allowing space for your good ideas to grow.
Plan.​ Manage. Influence.
Individuals. Businesses. Communities.


As women,​ we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We lovingly put others first and forget to focus inward when it counts the most. Join Lisa for this learning series based on her personal growth journey and experience as a mother, wife and business women.  Learn a new way of thinking while developing your Foundations for Growth:

* Explore what you are becoming.
* Learn how to give yourself permission and empower others.
* Understand and combat mind chatter and anxiety.

One on One coaching, group learning series and retreats available

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Workshops & training

Our goal is to take the foundations of traditional training program and weave in an awareness of how our brains work so that we can provide tools for growth and wellbeing in all aspects of your life.


Design your workshop

Take our foundation for training and customize it to fit the needs of your business and its culture. This bespoke workshop helps your people get the tools they need to perform to their potential.



Our workshops and trainings on the road! We host several retreats per year which allow for an immersive and rich experience and a relaxed state of mind free from the distractions of our day-to-day.

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